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does not endorse any free appraisal tools.  They are computer generated and can be highly inaccurate. The best domain appraisals are done by experts in the domain industry. Reg appraisal has provided links to some free appraisal resources. Also conferring with others in the field may give you an approximation of what your domain may sell for.  For example joining a web master forum and discussing domain names with members. If a company or corporation is seeking the domain name you own, then the value could increase dramatically. Some domains have sold for millions of dollars. These sales are rare and one should never expect to get rich quickly by selling a domain. Domains are a cheap investment and with age and development they can increase in value.

domain name appraisal

Domain names are considered "internet real estate". You can basically purchase a domain name at a low price and sell it for a much higher amount when the time comes. This time is unpredictable and it depends on when some one needs that domain. With so many expired domain names each day, you may want to consider picking up domain names for sale.

Building a website or blog for your domain will generally always increase your page ranking. Search engines like websites  that have good content.

Getting Traffic to your website can be easy when you learn how to use Social Networking Websites to get traffic for you Blog or Website.
Learning how to get traffic to you blog or website is key for success.



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